About Us: What we offer

Pine Creek Partners. Since all private equity firms are different, we appreciate the challenge that business executives face in selecting a deal partner. Our belief is that the entrepreneurial thinking, relevant experience and congenial personality of our team members combine to present a viable offer to those who are launching a transaction or continuing to expand a business.

A Clear Approach. We invest in companies that possess a well-grounded idea and an experienced management team but require funding, advice and relationships in order to drive the business to the next level. We supply each portfolio company with all of the financial and intellectual capital that the business can prudently deploy. Our assistance is delivered through an execution plan, formed with management before a deal is consummated, that supports the shared vision.

True Partnership with Management. Our job is to help business executives and we are only successful if they are. Pine Creek assists these committed individuals with their transaction or growth plan by treating each with respect, communicating clearly and as often as desired, compensating them generously with substantial equity, and working in partnership to generate positive results.

Guidance Derived from Experience. The founding partners of Pine Creek, Rick Rickertsen and George McCabe, possess over 25 years of experience derived from investments in 30 companies. They have lived the successes and mistakes of others and believe that the knowledge acquired as a result can be an asset to executives undertaking the most important transaction of their careers.

Deep, Unobtrusive Resources. We will work to provide a value-added environment for our business executive partners after closing by discreetly delivering the resources to help build significant value. Our goal in each investment is management buy-in, continuity and preserving independence and culture. We work closely on strategic issues at the board level but are not typically involved in daily responsibilities. In the past, at the request of management, we have provided introductions to vendors, partners, and customers - and advised on financing, executive recruitment, acquisitions, and development of distribution, markets and products.

Expediency is a Requirement. Our prior execution of over 30 deals and efficient size give us the ability to respond and act quickly after identifying an attractive opportunity. This allows for immediate transaction closings, resulting in minimal management distraction. The founding partners make all investment decisions and there are no external committees. Access to capital is immediate after a decision is made to move forward.

Total and Complete Confidentiality. Regardless of whether a transaction is completed, all who enter into a dialogue with Pine Creek can be assured that it will remain confidential. We understand the implied trust that is required in a professional endeavor of this sort � and our reputation depends on that.

Patience and the Acceptance of Risk. Pine Creek is a long term investor in a company as opposed to being a trader of its stock. We encourage our portfolio company managers to invest for future competitiveness by deploying a long term perspective. Operational performance will fluctuate as the result of taking risks. We understand that not all strategies perform as expected and prior portfolio company management can attest to our support in good and bad times.

Commitment and Aligned Incentives. We invest substantive personal capital directly alongside of our investors and management teams. The alignment that results is a proven tool in generating significant value for all.