For Executives & Entrepreneurs: Growing Your Business

Most executives who are currently operating a business possess a strategic vision to take their companies to the next level. However, the daily tasks of managing employees, facilitating sales goals and controlling costs compete effectively for the precious commodity of an executive’s time.

These situations require a partner who embraces confidentiality and can quickly provide patient capital followed by unobtrusive guidance to let you avoid stagnation, develop the strategic plan and, most importantly, execute it. Partnering with Pine Creek to deliver expansion capital to your business can allow you to:

Launch an Acquisition Strategy. Purchase a competitor or acquire one with complementary products and distribution channels.

Continue Internal Growth. Implement organic growth strategies that might include the purchase of equipment, expansion of sales activities or initiation of product development measures.

Complete a Balance Sheet Restructuring. Restructure existing debt or equity on your balance sheet to meet the needs of owners or lenders whose time frame is different than your own.

Minimize Dilution. Pine Creek has a history of using creative structures in its financings that can minimize the dilution to existing equity owners. We will take minority or majority stakes in the companies in which we invest and we can structure transactions such that executives have an opportunity to buy back our equity in the future.

Obtain a Resource. After the deal is completed, Pine Creek is a long-term investor providing guidance at the board level. We do not need to be involved in daily operations, nor is it our goal to bring in new managers. We only invest in situations where management is truly interested in a partnership with Pine Creek and we encourage them to take the type of risks that are necessary to excel.

To find out more about Pine Creek and whether we are the right partner for you, please see About Us.