For Executives & Entrepreneurs

Pine Creek Partners is in the business of assisting you to make your future through the execution of a powerful idea. Our team can quickly apply the patient capital and experienced guidance needed for a full or partial sale of your ownership in a business. We also provide growth financing for executives undertaking an expansion strategy as well as assistance to those who have targeted a business for acquisition. The pages that follow describe specific details about the flexible approaches that Pine Creek applies to help in accomplishing your entrepreneurial goals.

In the Selling Your Business section, we discuss aspects of four different transaction types and how Pine Creek can play a role. If you are a corporate owner, we describe the approach taken by Pine Creek to transactions of this sort in Selling A Division. Acquiring a company is an exciting and time-tested approach to entrepreneurialism. If a stand-alone acquisition is part of your plan, Buying a Business reveals several concepts on the topic of how Pine Creek can be your partner in successfully closing the deal. For those who are currently operating a business and have a plan to grow it organically or through an acquisition, the Growing Your Business section delivers the details on how Pine Creek can help.

If you believe that there might be a fit with Pine Creek after reviewing the section of our site that most fits with your needs, please learn more About Us and then Contact Us for a confidential discussion.