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For Investment Bankers & Business Advisors

Business Brokers, Investment Banks, and Intermediaries
The Pine Creek team has a history of working effectively with our fellow professionals in the investment banking community and we aim to continue it. Our approach extends beyond a complete willingness to compensate intermediaries generously and immediately upon completion for their work in introducing opportunities to Pine Creek.

We base our interactions on respect and an understanding that intermediaries have their own business to operate with timing and service to clients serving as crucial aspects. Our program for interacting with intermediaries is based on the following:

• Pine Creek attempts to return intermediary calls on the same day they are received.
• Our deal review process is based on confidentiality and quick initial turnaround.
• We believe that our defined investment parameters allow us to quickly ascertain a fit between Pine Creek and a proposed opportunity.
• Our small but effective size ensures that intermediaries are dealing with Investment Committee members. There are no external approval processes at Pine Creek. Once a decision is made to move forward, funding is immediate.
• We appreciate the fact that your service to your client is a crucial aspect of your professional reputation leading to additional business. When introducing Pine Creek to your client, you can be assured of a professional interaction not only because it’s the right approach - but because we value the relationship with you in the future.

Legal and Accounting Advisors
Professional relationships built over many years represent a core asset of accounting and legal professionals. Pine Creek appreciates that a delicate balance must be reached between serving the needs of clients and protecting them from the misapplication of valuable time and energy. When a client begins to explore the sale of all or a part of a business or to locate expansion capital, his or her first call is often to a trusted legal or accounting adviser. In the future, when you receive that call, we hope that you will consider the following aspects of Pine Creek in deciding whether to reach out to us to discuss an opportunity:

Personality. One of the most overlooked aspects of a transaction or a partnership is the chemistry between the principals. This item is first on our list as opposed to one of the boxes that we check.

Confidentiality. We understand that this often overused term is the core of our business. We can assure you of strict confidentiality in all matters.

Timing and an Ability to Close. Our investors include some of the world's largest and most sophisticated institutional and individual investors and each has granted discretionary investment authority to Pine Creek. Our small but efficient size ensures that you are dealing with an Investment Committee member who does not report to an external committee.

Reputation. Our team possesses over 25 years of experience in the business of providing capital and guidance to small businesses. We could not continue to exist in this industry if we did not understand the meaning of respect and partnership with those whom we interact.

Experience. We have invested in over 30 transactions. Efficiently arriving at the closing table is a skill that is a natural by-product of our experience. Our background allows us to quickly ascertain a fit between our criteria and your opportunity.

Entrepreneurial Thinking. In the financial and deal making world, we feel that our strength is creativity. We listen attentively to all of the needs of the seller and buyer and thereafter work hard to bring highly creative, win-win structuring to the table. It is important to note that Pine Creek is an independent company and its founders have each started two successful businesses in the investment management industry. These prior experiences, and working alongside of the 30 leaders we have backed in prior deals, combine to provide a unique insight into the world of entrepreneurialism.

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