"Sell Your Business Your Way" by Rick Rickertsen. A comprehensive guide to getting top dollar for your life’s work—and feeling good about it.


"Buyout Book " by Rick Rickertsen. This book will provide the inspiration and know-how to lead a successful management buyout.



Executive Library

Pine Creek is completely unique in the private equity universe in that it offers executives access to a library of written material and useful content created exclusively by the Pine Creek founders. This is based upon the many years in the business and the writing of two books aimed at business executives and numerous op-ed pieces and articles.

Available for download are several important tools including a chapter from the book BUYOUT, inspiring pieces on leadership, a transaction due diligence checklist, a humorous Glossary on investment banker speak and several articles on Pine Creek�s principals. We welcome your feedback on making this part of our site as valuable to you as possible.

You will need Acrobat Reader to download some of the following documents:

Buyout Book, Introduction by Michael Lewis
Buyout Book, Chapter 1
Buyout Book, Due Diligence Checklist
Buyout Book, Investment Banker Speak Glossary
Strategic Finance: How to Lead Your Management Buyout
Forbes: Boffo Time for Buyouts
INC: Buyout Your Boss
Directors & Boards: Governance "Term Sheet" for a Buyout
Wall Street Journal: Former Engineer Wins with Bets in Technology
Washington Techway:
Getting Your Business Plan Right the First Time
Thayer Capital's SAGA Deal Tells A Compelling Story for Software

Washington Business Journal Op-Eds:
Offering Up a Toast to Higher-Minded Dealmaking
A Note to Entrepreneurs: Fight On!
How to Interpret Investment Banker-Speak
Managing Your Way Through a Downturn
Investors Get Ready - The Buyout is Back
Leaders: What Separates the Great from the Good
Lessons to Learn from "Tech-Investor Hell"
What You Should Know Before You Think IPO